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Artificial vs. Non-Artificial

Manmade foods do not grow; they are created in a lab by a food technician. They may be labeled organic, raw, whole, natural, all natural, nutrient rich or some other variation, yet none of the former is true, it is just an artificial-food-aattention catching name.

What food technicians make with their chemicals are something that if they could walk would be food Frankenstein’s.

Whenever we eat junk food we are eating at least the popular preservative salt. Preservative are unique as they minerals or processed particles like oils and vinegars that dehydrate whatever they touch causing it to die / denature. All dehydrating agents pickle or preserve the target they are acting on mummifying it. Now imagine that they do the same thing to your cells. It may not be very hard to imagine as preservatives do exactly that and form what is commonly called cancer.

That which is dead decomposes, yet junk foods and processed foods do not as they are laden with preservative that retard decay on the shelf and create tumors in our body.

How dangerous are preservatives? Salt is our most toxic common and therefore toxic preservative. It is why being stranded at sea and drinking sea water is fatal? It is because sea water is 8.5 on the pH scale and salt water, with is like drinking Epsom Salts which causes a cathartic effect on the body. Salt causes the bowels to release and the cells to retain water leaving it unusable to the body.

This state when it becomes chronic means that death is hours from being realized unless brought under control rapidly.

Preservatives in all forms are deadly to human life and must be avoided.

Preservatives have such a tumultuous effect on the body, once ingested, the immune system works overtime to remove them. If used sparingly and infrequently, use of salt in volume replaces the need for medications, yet in volume used regularly, they create the problem or illness.