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Expansion, contraction and death are the way of all life. We are told life is very complicated, yet, its simplicity is mind numbing once we peel off the confusions. Again, we are either going out, coming in or are at the end of life where we find death. The answer to which direction we are going or what junction we are at is determined by factors that do not need an outside or medical test. Do you need a test to prove that you blink your eyes? Of course you don’t as we can observe, and via simple boy-girl-with-fruits=veggiesobservation and we know all we need to, to determine our health one way or the other.

Life was not complicated when we didn’t have experts who made it their business to make it seem confusing. You have read about 140 words so far that may seem perplexing. Yet, what I am saying is that life needs no explaining. It needs to be fed and paid attention to. Those trying to explain life are trying to sell you something. What they are selling you is a reality that says you are not in control and none of your action and habits carry any consequence. If any of that were true, it would be the cellular expression of flying a plane at 30,000 feet, then jumping out of without a parachute, and expecting not to die upon landing.

Why are pain-blocking meds so dangerous? Because they, like any drug, suppress our sensations and sensations are how we experience the world. The world of Big Medicine is consolidating or contracting because it is dying, because or 100’s of thousands like you who are learning the truth that they in fact do control their life and health. Big Junk Food is also contracting as it is also going out of business for the same reason. You are changing because your mind is changing and that is changing how you approach living. You are being lied to less and less so therefore you are living more. The sedated chase sedation as they “think” they need it. Believing fewer lies we’re living more and with less pain. Again, the sedated chase sedation to stay sedated. The living, live without toxins, drugs or junk food and that personal determination / choice is killing Big Business.



Energy must flow in and out in life or we have stagnation. When you breathe you are exchanging flows. When you heart rests between beats that is a flow. When you sleep that is a flow that is balancing your awake time. What does not flow is dead. That which is dead is to some degree toxic. The volume (or density / concentration) of the dead thing, whatever it is, determines its level of toxicity. The more concentrated anything is the more toxic it is. Nature does feature some concentrated toxins but it is generally non-toxic to most of life. Where Nature is toxic, it has been so kind to warn us with bright colors and or sounds like the rattle of a snake to give us a “heads up” that “this” should be avoided. flows

If you have paperwork stacking up on your desk or unexamined mail, this is a stuck flow and will undermine and weaken your efforts to bring order to the scene and income in. Flows do matter yet we are not trained to notice them as readily as they appear. We know a blocked sink when we see it but we what we do not see is just as if not more vital. Yet today in medicine, the effort is to ignore these “talking points” and to keep on trekking regardless of where we are trekking to.

Putting on weight is a stuck flow. So is ringing in the ears, dry skin, constipation and much more. But, what about a clogged artery? We were warned but unless we noticed the discomfort and addressed it by detoxing the body a bit, we ignored what might kill us. When we have pain it is for a reason and the reason is right now, not from a few years ago “in that accident.” Surgery is nice for the surgeon; the body does not like it. Detoxing the body on a regular basis is very smart. Not eating junk and processed foods or white sugar, salt and coffee are also very smart.



We have all seen a dog chase his tail. What we never considered was maybe, just maybe the tail was chasing the dog. Does that seem silly to you? Ask the tail it likely does not seem silly to him or her. The chicken and the egg question has been with us, and will stay with us. What came first, first or the thing before first? And what was the thing before that? Circular logic for many is an unanswerable question that requires data we do not have and can’t get.

When we get angry it was because something broke the camel’s back, right? Actually those angry feelings were precipitated by something else that left the body near its breaking point, which in turn left you a “dirty look” away from a meltdown. Balance is more than what we do on one foot, it is something the body is fighting for. When was the last time you were angry and when you finally calmed down you realized you were angry for something that “never bothers you.”

Our body must stay free of chemical irritants. When it gets an in-flow of these it reacts by getting hot as its energy becomes uneven. We notice this and our thoughts get colored red. This is a warning from our immune system (led by the liver) to change our conditions pronto. Not knowing this we blame whatever is in front of us and make it the cause of our bad mood, yet this person (often a person) likely had nothing to do with the chemical attack we are feeling. There we are frustrated and angry with this fellow when actually the cause of our strain was the salt we just added to our cantaloupe. Unless we learn the way our body works and its abusers we are an accident waiting to happen.


Cats and You

Why are you not like your cat? Why is your cat, your cat, and not you? Why, because, your cat is smarter than you are. Your cat without the power of language has you tied around his paw. Your little fanged fur ball of love and mischief runs you like a short order cook. With just a meow he can make you give him food, let him out or any number of things. If you get mad at him or her, he either ignores you until you give in, or is so cute you can’t stay upset with him. cats-and-you

Your cat is too smart to drink coffee, eat white sugar, smoke cigarettes, start wars, or take drugs. What your cat does badly, he or she learns from you. If you are lazy, likely he is too, if you are obese or have eating trouble, likely he or she does too. Your cat can also be a mirror of you. Likely you won’t go about clawing your furniture or the drapes, so there are some differences between you two.

Your cat if left to his own devices will not destroy himself. He will work with nature, he won’t pollute her. He won’t blow up the planet or inject cattle with hormones to make them big and strong, but toxic to himself. He won’t go bald, grow mammary glands, tumors, weak bones, cataracts or other issues from tinkering with chemistry like men do. No your cat is far too smart to destroy the world he lives in for his profit. He is too smart to sacrifice his fellow cats and kittens for the fatness of his bank account. Your cat won’t sell addicting products or chemicals that help industry that kills cats. No, your cat is far too smart. So why don’t you get smart like your cat.



We all need electrolytes, everyone knows that. When we don’t have enough it can spell danger and even death. They are so important they are found in sports drinks and even found in designer water.

The last paragraph is commonly accepted as true. Yet, it is not true at all to the point that it is entirely false.electrolytes

Electrolytes and salts are the exact same thing. Salt has a long history of use for industry. When a product is used for multiple purposes, one or more of those uses guaranteed to be toxic and therefore dangerous.

Salt a powerful preservative and flavor enhancer and is literally ingrained into our DNA so much so that our taste buds are geared to identify salt and sugar before all other flavors.

Our bodies inherently abhor salt and sugars. Salt is only useful briefly as an immune system activating chemical. Sugars are not all the same. Sugars that come from Whole Raw Fruit and Veggies are good and healing for the body if consumed in the whole form.

Salt has no such option. Salt does not grow it collects and is made up of two parts. Sodium and Chlorine are found in equal parts in salt. One of the chemicals in salt is chlorine which in any form is toxic and destructive to the body.

Salts are corrosive when high potency yet most are mild. Milder salt kill or denature what they contact but are lousy at concealing the crime as they leave a preserved shell behind.

In Egypt 2000 years ago when they were making mummies a type of North African salt called Natron. All salt acts the same it attacks its target and kills it via dehydration. That which dehydrates is deadly. There is no safe salt no safe amount to use.



What in the world is happening to healthcare today? First US president Barak Obama pushes through his Affordable Healthcare Act, which forced the US public, at threat of fine and or imprisonment (that was never going to happen) to get health insurance immediately. Since Health Insurance is expensive and allopathic doctoring often leads to death, it was not affordable or healthy. The battery of incidents that follow are not doctored or tailored in any way. Look at what they mean. The ramifications of these items are the result of Big Medicine’s greed, desperation and bad management leading to crashing statistics. Yes, they are contracting not expanding.

As per the Kaiser Foundation, in 2008 US domestic allopathic healthcare rang up a tally of 2.3 trillion dollars. One would of course expect that tally to increase in the 7 years between 2008 and 2015. Yet, it has not. As per Drug Watch, Big Medicine US Domestic healthcare sales just cleared 1 trillion in 2014. When you look at the big picture you see a number of factors that all say the American Public is getting smarter not sicker.

Factor #1 the US has been surpassed by Mexico as the most obese country on Earth. Factor #2 sales of junk foods in the US are crashing. The Fast Food chains have announced new “enhanced” menus with, salads, fruit plates, fresh squeezed juices and more, all catering to a new health oriented crowd. Factor #3 March 2015 Heinz bought Kraft as Kraft was going belly up. Factor #4 just three days ago a study (funded and mandated by Big Medicine) was released claiming eating citrus cause’s cancer. Factor #5 In July of 2015 it was announced that Health Insurer Aetna bought Humana because they were in the red financially.

The following factors all represent a shift in the way the pubic in the US is viewing themselves and their causes of illness. Because of our new growing awareness of how our bodies work, we the public of the United States are uniformly abstaining from the poisons that kill us. As a result we are getting healthier and leaner. As a consequence, we are not using insurance as we are not ill. We ARE eating healthier and losing weight, which as a result has impacted the fast food companies and crashed the junk food suppliers.

Due to all of this the future is looking very bright indeed!



eldersThe elderly are a growing population in the United States. When one has been brought up with an inherent trust of authority and medical doctors arguing about what medication to take is out of the question, Sixty years ago and before Modern Medicine was tame, they actually cared about patients and were doing wonderful things to help patients. Along the way as we have advanced to present day Medicine has lost its way and become a machine out to make money with little regard to patient care. Today Modern Medicine sells attention and meds under the assumption that they are selling healing.

The elderly today may be on 6 drugs for the same issue named 16 different ways. The elderly in an attempt to get the best care seek out 4 or more specialists. Seeking out specialists sounds like a good idea and it can be yet when one doesn’t know the other exists this becomes a problem. The American way is that a little is good so a lot must be great. This causes a state of secrecy to be adopted by those adopting this point of view. Factually we can only do one thing at a time, yet we kid ourselves and try to accomplish something called multitasking. In medicine like in life, multitasking is a failure especially when the sources are not in communication.

The care and feeding of humanity is the same at any age. Trying to make life fit an archetype where there are no consequences of over kill. While a little of a good therapy can aid in healing, a lot of poison (medication) does just what one would think it does create havoc on the user and threaten his or her life. A complete new mindset must be adopted if we are going to help the elderly and build a sane future.


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secretsWe all know we should not eat certain things. We know we should not eat / use white sugar, salt, coffee, alcohol, meds / drugs or eat junk food / processed food. But anyone who has tried to give up these habits knows that knowing not to do something and actually not doing it are two different things. Who listens to advice? Do you? We all have asked for advice but those who actually act on it account for less than 3% of those who ask. This is why books exist as they tell us volumes of information that we must have forgotten from past lives or have always thought were true (for those who don’t believe in past lives).

We all have secrets of our success for our health. Some of us take something to move their bowels after every bad meal. Others drink water all meal long hoping to avoid calories. Still others eat bread to swell their stomach hopefully making them feel full. Sadly none of these are solutions, yet they persist because people don’t have a lab of people testing their theories to see if they work.

There are no shortcuts to achieving health. We cannot have surgery and take our “I want food” part of the brain taken out. That would be like taking off your tires to prevent you from driving on bad roads. The logical answer is to not drive on bad roads. On second thought that is too easy. Factually, pills that block metabolism, corrupt cell function body and eventually destroy digestion. Whole Raw Foods are easy to digest. Anyone telling you otherwise, is hoping to sell you something that are packaged and profitable. Who makes money on selling you Whole Raw Foods? Factually the poison sellers of Big Business are not. Detox, Raw Foods and Exercise work today, they worked last week, they worked 2000 years ago and they will work tomorrow.





advert-govWho do you trust? We all have favorite people we take or accept advice from. We hope that we can believe what we are told but their motives probably are not yours. When we read about breakfast food, we are often reading about worthless crap stuffed into some sort of form laced with salt, seasoning and maybe even some sugar. When you look at the food butchery sold by fast food chains for breakfast, you might ask these companies what did breakfast ever do to you? Yum, nothing like salted and fired pig guts, mixes with pulverized chicken embryos and some sort of artificial dairy product to satiate our apatite.

We are told that the way to start a good day is with a hot meal like oatmeal with real sugar not unhealthy artificial sweeteners. What you have just read is called deception placed in plain sight. They tell us to use real sugar, versus unhealthy artificial sweetener; this is shocking hilarious and pure evil as white sugar is one of man’s worst and most debilitating toxins. The poison white sugar is juxtaposed with artificial sweetener to make it sound healthy. This is like comparing a cobra with a water moccasin; both are lethal many times over.

We are not protected by advertisers or government agencies, until after we are dead, then the America FDA is interested. If we are to live full and complete lives, we must police what we put in our mouths as no one else is capable of keeping up with us day to day to do the job. The United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) protects advertises yet they claim they are out to protect us. What is needed is a Human Union, an organization that protects mankind and sues companies out to poison us for the sake of making money, into nonexistence.


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When man and all mankind lived in the wild he fought for what he had and hunted for what he could not find. As a hunter he thought like a hunter and had the body of a hunter. He was solid without much body fat. He was fast, quick thinking and possessed good reflexes and vision because he had to have it to survive. He was healthy strong and robust because anything less meant he was not pulling his weight in the group. He had a responsibility to himself and his fellows to be the best he could be.

Today’s man and woman are not like we were as early humans. We have all the trappings of leisure from, horse drawn chariots, warm surroundings with climate controls, soft bedding, plenty of water, loads of foods for any taste or pallet, plus we are so successful, we have intoxicants for our enjoyment. We celebrate our success and handling survival by challenging our survival with ingestion of various libations and other chemicals that are known to kill. We are so smart; we stab ourselves in the foot having fun, and then blame our genes for our error.

We love to pollute ourselves and fend innocence as we get ill. Factually as one adopts Whole Raw Foods, they reacquaint themselves with their roots. How you ask? We get healthy all over again like our ancestors long before us. As we eat more and more Raw Whole Foods fat falls off us like water off a ducks back. With Whole Raw Foods eyesight improves, bad moods vanish, we get stronger, flab seems to tighten up, and so much more. The body when fed correctly acts like a high performance machine vs. the lowly broken down hunk of junk MD’s tell us we have. Do the right thing, detox your body and eat Whole Raw Foods.