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Kidney Symptoms

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs located above the tailbone and just below the mid-back on either side of the vertebral column. Lower back pain could be your kidneys calling for help. Other signs of weak kidneys may involve edema, weakness, loss of appetite and nausea.


Liver Issues

If the Liver is effected you may notice it in the following areas: Neck pain (right side), Shoulder pain (right side), Arm (right side), frayed emotions and head aches. You may also experience the following: Insomnia, Poor concentration, Poor moods, Sinus problems and Exhaustion.

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Whole Body and Colon Program

I have purchased the Pure Body Institute Whole Body Program and Colon Program from Darryl at Herbs Can Cleanse for the last 15 years.  These two programs are safe, gentle, and effective.  When I first learned about these programs, Darryl was a massage therapist selling them as a part of his practice.  He told me briefly of their benefits, and I immediately decided to try them. I still use these programs twice a year  as a part of my regular health care regimen.  Bruce, CA