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Number 1 in the Number 2 business

How come everyone wants to go #2 but they don’t know the first thing about #2? We know a lot of stuff but when it comes to the crap about crap, we know crap. Crap is important. Imagine if the body exit closed up. Who would get sick then? Can you say the body and all of its parts? I can… You can’t just inhale and never exhale. If you were to do that you’d explode. I know I would. What do I care about polyps and hemorrhoids? Yea, they might kill me, but if I can’t take a dump, watch out, because I may become dangerous. Don’t tell me my doctor has my best interest in mind. If he gave a crap I would haven’t have a problem with my crap..

I don’t care that we should go 3 times a day like a dog or Big Foot. When I gotta’ go I gotta’ go. If I can’t go all the tea in China is not going to pacify me. My dad knew how to go! He had a library in the john and magazines up the wazoo. He read War and Peace twice. He’d read and waited and wait, read and wait on the throne. One summer we never saw him. Patience is the key when you are constipated.

Laxatives are good especially if you stink up the joint like a rotten egg factory when you go. If you need that little exhaust fan just to breathe, you don’t have long for this world, that’s what the smart money says anyway. We gotta go after every meal. Going less is constipation. Water is big. Better drink a gallon a day or you won’t be able to go as often. No cheese, butter, milk or ice cream. If it comes from a cow or is imitation cow, don’t go near it or risk not going. Remember you gotta go sometime and now is better than later.


Vaccinations vs. the ENVIRONMENT

Those that cry “get vaccinated against the Flu,” are selling a dangerous environment as the reason to get inoculated against an invisible threat. The yearly scourge is a mix of fantasy and a marvelous play on our worst fears of things that go bump in the night.

The use of vaccinations became popular post WWI as it seemed to rise from the battlefields of Europe. Science Fiction Flu is now claiming to have traced the flu origins back to prehistoric Iceland or a Siberian Lake and maybe even a glacier in Antarctica. The mind of man is active in trying to bolster declining flu shot purchases by linking it with ancient monsters. Good luck with that.


The fact is people get ill when they get stressed. Yet, the most common reasons are:

  1. Toxic intake from our “foods” / Poor nutrition
  2. Money worries
  3. Relationship troubles
  4. Job stress
  5. Drug interaction or drug treatments
  6. Fear of the environment
  7. Family stress due to holidays
  8. Some combination due to the above


We can blame invisible evil for making us ill all we want. We can blame the flu as it travels great distance to get us, yet this is nothing but scientific imagination salesmanship treating issues caused by 1-8 above.

If you vaccinate, you are taking a chemical cocktail that even and often contains mercury. Flu shot possible adverse effects documented in medical literature include:

  • Febrile seizure
  • Narcolepsy
  • Asthma
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome

In the end buyer beware or the buyer may be very ill in short order.



Kidney Symptoms

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs located above the tailbone and just below the mid-back on either side of the vertebral column. Lower back pain could be your kidneys calling for help. Other signs of weak kidneys may involve edema, weakness, loss of appetite and nausea.


Liver Issues

If the Liver is effected you may notice it in the following areas: Neck pain (right side), Shoulder pain (right side), Arm (right side), frayed emotions and head aches. You may also experience the following: Insomnia, Poor concentration, Poor moods, Sinus problems and Exhaustion.

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