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Cats and You

Why are you not like your cat? Why is your cat, your cat, and not you? Why, because, your cat is smarter than you are. Your cat without the power of language has you tied around his paw. Your little fanged fur ball of love and mischief runs you like a short order cook. With just a meow he can make you give him food, let him out or any number of things. If you get mad at him or her, he either ignores you until you give in, or is so cute you can’t stay upset with him. cats-and-you

Your cat is too smart to drink coffee, eat white sugar, smoke cigarettes, start wars, or take drugs. What your cat does badly, he or she learns from you. If you are lazy, likely he is too, if you are obese or have eating trouble, likely he or she does too. Your cat can also be a mirror of you. Likely you won’t go about clawing your furniture or the drapes, so there are some differences between you two.

Your cat if left to his own devices will not destroy himself. He will work with nature, he won’t pollute her. He won’t blow up the planet or inject cattle with hormones to make them big and strong, but toxic to himself. He won’t go bald, grow mammary glands, tumors, weak bones, cataracts or other issues from tinkering with chemistry like men do. No your cat is far too smart to destroy the world he lives in for his profit. He is too smart to sacrifice his fellow cats and kittens for the fatness of his bank account. Your cat won’t sell addicting products or chemicals that help industry that kills cats. No, your cat is far too smart. So why don’t you get smart like your cat.