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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do you sell the products you sell?

    We are focused on promoting good health through herbal remedies. The products at Herbs Can Cleanse can be found in 1,000’s of doctors’ offices around the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy from this website. If you visit a health practitioner and they do not carry the products on this site, let them know they should. The products we sell are touted worldwide under hundreds of private labels.

    The Whole Body & Colon Cleanse Program is recommended by the following top Nutritional Doctors/ Authors.

    Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.
    Burton Goldberg
    Shonda Parker
    Elson M. Haas, M.D.
    Doris J. Rapp, M.D.
    Sallie Batson
    Larry Clapp, Ph.D., J.D.
    Kevin Trudeau

    Do you have something that will help me choose the right product?

    Read our Symptom and Product Chart. This chart allows you to compare your symptoms to the products you should use.

    Look for your symptoms on the left side of the chart. Rate it 1-4 and select the appropriate product you should use at the top of the chart.

    Is Herbs Can Cleanse an MLM (multi level marketing company)?

    No. Not at all, we are a wholesale and online retail business.

    Who will you have ship my order?

    We use The U.S. Postal Service for all of our shipping.

    Where else are these formulas sold?

    You will find these formulas in professional and therapeutic settings such as doctors offices, massage practices, aestheticians practices, spas and chiropractic offices.

    I am a doctor / practitioner / health food store, and I want to carry product you sell in my office or location. Can I?

    Sure. E-mail or call us and we will explain how that is done. We require a minimum order for all practitioners.

    Who is HealthForce Nutritionals?

    HealthForce Nutritionals, co-owned by Jameth Sheridan, N.D., and Kim Sheridan, N.D., is a husband and wife team of respected Naturopaths who provide highly researched green food products. Herbs Can Cleanse carries Vitamineral Green, Spirulina and Greener Grasses.

    Who is Pure Body Institute?

    The company was founded in 1991, and located in Beverly Hills, California. The original company name was Eden Secrets, a good name, but it did not clearly define what they did. Consequently they periodically received calls for botanical, gardening and agricultural advice. Because of this confusion, they changed their name to The Pure Body Institute.

    In 1993, an independent comparative study was done by The Natural Health Journal. This competition thoroughly examined the effectiveness of the top inner body cleansing products on the market. Based on the laboratory data provided by Great Smokies Labs and Doctors Data, Pure Body Institute was rated the #1 company in America for herbal inner body cleansing. Suddenly they became the #1 company of their type in the US.

    A year later, thanks to extreme growth, The Pure Body Institute said good-bye to their Beverly Hills location and moved to Ojai, California (about 60 miles north up the California coast). The phones just kept ringing and ringing and in 12 months, they out grew Ojai too! Which brings us to the present and their spacious location in Ventura, California. Since moving to Ventura, they have added their Para Cleanse, Colon Booster, Liver Balance Plus, Kidney Rescue and Heart & Lung Plus.

    What is the shelf life of dietary supplements?

    Generally, the shelf life for most dietary supplements is two to three years. Supplements do decrease in potency after two to three years if opened.

    Can I replace my prescription with the supplements on this site?

    This is a matter that is best discussed with your qualified health care practitioner or doctor. We find it best to leave the advise to your doctor. None of the products sold at Herbs Can Cleanse are intended to take the place of your current prescription from you doctor.

    How long will it take for the merchandise to reach me?

    We ship USPS Priority Mail. Most often the items you purchase will be in the mail the same day. The United States Post Office suggests a 2-3 day delivery time when using Priority Mail. If you have any concerns about your order tracking numbers are available upon request..

    Do I have to change my diet to use this?

    It is always a good idea to change ones diet if needed. But if it is going to be too hard to, don’t change a thing. However you may want to read the short article “Eat Well For Your Health” to before giving up hope.

    I’m planning on doing a fast. Can I use the Whole Body & Colon Cleanse Program while I’m fasting?

    Sure. The program is gentle enough to allow for this. It has been designed to allow you to adjust the dosage for your body’s needs. Remember to start with a small dosage to avoid unpleasant elimination.

    Do you have a return policy?

    If your membership has changed it means that you may now have access to special offers and deals not available to the public. The next time you order go to the Home page, login, and choose a product category on the left or scroll down to the Featured Products. There you’ll see the listing of all the products available within that category. It’s here you’ll find products that are only available to Premium members.  Check frequently and buy often as the offers change from week to week!  Don’t worry this is FREE! This is our way of saying, “Thank you for your patronage.”

    How do I become a Premium Member?

    Shop more. Buy often.

    Please NOTE:
    The FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations now require products with dietary supplement facts to display a “born date” or MFG to indicate the time of manufacturing. “MFG” represents the day on which the product in the bottle was manufactured. This is to take the place of “expiration or best by” date.
  • Returns

    1) allows a 30 day grace period from receipt of product.  You may return product within 30 days for partial credit, with the following restrictions:
    a. You will be charged a 20% restocking fee for unopened product.

    b. If the product is opened but less than 10% is used, you will also be charged a 15% use fee.

    c. If you’ve used 10% or more of the product, and still wish to return it, you can still receive a partial refund of 30% of the price you paid.

    2) No returns of books, DVD’s or any printed material will be accepted.

    3) Personal care items such as soaps must be in original packaging (unopened and unused).

    4) No returns on powder products if opened.

    5) All credits will be issued within 45 days of date of return.

    6) You will not receive credit for damaged items.  They will be returned to you.

    7) No returns on sale items.

    8) Purchaser agrees to pay all shipping charges (unless otherwise specified).


    All shipping is done via U.S. Postal Service. Shipping may take from 3-7 days up to two weeks. Handling time is generally 1-3 days. We strive to ship all orders as soon as possible. All media will ship via U.S.P.S. Media Mail.

    Gifts are conditional

    When returning a product for refund the purchaser must return gifts included with the order. If the gift is not returned the retail price of the gift will be subtracted from the amount being refunded.

    Please NOTE:

    The FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations now require products with dietary supplement facts to display a “born date” or MFG to indicate the time of manufacturing. “MFG” represents the day on which the product in the bottle was manufactured. This is to take the place of “expiration or best by” date.