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    Health Control Pack
    By Roger Bezanis

    About the Author
    Author, researcher, formulator, educator and mentor Roger Bezanis, has spent the last 16 years of his life uncovering the true workings of the human body. His esoteric techniques of Diagnostic Face Reading, Energy Balancing Technique and amazing Fusion Symptom Analysis are revolutionary. When the trio are combined, they propel the user past all known tools available for diagnosing and healing the body. His book Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing has become an alternative health best seller. A must read for anyone wanting to approach full mastery of their body and health. Mr. Bezanis prides himself in being entirely self-trained and therefore has no allegiances, agendas or axes to grind in support for or against any system or dogma. His focus is strictly and precisely aimed at one thing, RESULTS.

    Book Description

    All 3 of Roger Bezanis’ books are now in one package for all readers who want full control and understanding of their body and health. “Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing” is a masterpiece of wisdom. The book “pH MADNESS” sagely clears the lies from the water industry and amply explains what it takes to be healthy today. Roger’s newest book “The Ancient Raw Food Diet” is the backbone of facts not heretofore explained or understood that makes the first two book work and the whole body heal with food alone. We can all be healthy. This pack makes that possible!

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