Professional Diagnostic Face Reading Certification Package

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    Professional Diagnostic Face Reading Certification Package
    By Roger Bezanis

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    About the Package
    The Professional Diagnostic Face Reading Certification Package is a dynamic journey that at home and on your own schedule, allows you to gain the understandings and tools to read Faces professionally. Here you will study information found nowhere else including symptom analysis and much more. Your course comes with all the parts shown in 15 modules (or segments) of study, including your final exam. The shortest time to certification as a Diagnostic Face Reading Specialist was 3 weeks. How fast can you do the course?

    Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing (5th Edition)
    ISBN-13: 978-0578055930

    Package Description
    This package is for the Professional. Students say: “Passing this course and not being expert in Face Reader is impossible.” Enrollment in this course gets you: 1) Your course pack (75 pages & 110 questions), 2) 1 DFRHH book, 3) 1 Face Reading Report Form (laminated), 4) 1 Diagnostic Face Reading Map Key (laminated), 5) 1 Face Reading by Number (laminated), 6) 1 Face Reading & Iridology DVD. This package offers the tools to start a practice. Upon a 100% passing Course Completion you will receive a Certificate to be framed and placed proudly on display.

    About the Book
    People read DFRHH to grasp the following:
    • Fantastic tools to accurately assess your health or anyone’s in a few seconds
    • Understand how your organs communicate to you in times of stress
    • Correctly treat pain at its source while looking and feeling younger
    • Discover what signs precede (by months & years) cancer and illness
    • Help your patients / doctors achieve quicker results
    • Find out if your supplements and diet are really working for you
    • Learn the language of the body & what it has been telling you
    • Be rid of the shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain and bad moods
    • Free yourself from the diet myths that keep your belly expanding
    • Help someone you love to again get healthy and not go broke doing it.

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