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Energy must flow in and out in life or we have stagnation. When you breathe you are exchanging flows. When you heart rests between beats that is a flow. When you sleep that is a flow that is balancing your awake time. What does not flow is dead. That which is dead is to some degree toxic. The volume (or density / concentration) of the dead thing, whatever it is, determines its level of toxicity. The more concentrated anything is the more toxic it is. Nature does feature some concentrated toxins but it is generally non-toxic to most of life. Where Nature is toxic, it has been so kind to warn us with bright colors and or sounds like the rattle of a snake to give us a “heads up” that “this” should be avoided. flows

If you have paperwork stacking up on your desk or unexamined mail, this is a stuck flow and will undermine and weaken your efforts to bring order to the scene and income in. Flows do matter yet we are not trained to notice them as readily as they appear. We know a blocked sink when we see it but we what we do not see is just as if not more vital. Yet today in medicine, the effort is to ignore these “talking points” and to keep on trekking regardless of where we are trekking to.

Putting on weight is a stuck flow. So is ringing in the ears, dry skin, constipation and much more. But, what about a clogged artery? We were warned but unless we noticed the discomfort and addressed it by detoxing the body a bit, we ignored what might kill us. When we have pain it is for a reason and the reason is right now, not from a few years ago “in that accident.” Surgery is nice for the surgeon; the body does not like it. Detoxing the body on a regular basis is very smart. Not eating junk and processed foods or white sugar, salt and coffee are also very smart.