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ViKA or Another Fraud

Before 1900 Viruses were seldom spoken of yet parasites and their activities were very well documented. Before 1900 the Kellogg’s, Fords, Rockefellers, Macy’s, Carnegie’s and other were not investors in Healthcare. In 1910 that all changed with the release of the Flexner report which gutted traditional medicine. What replaced it was the theory laden, drug pushing and new diagnosis rich world of Modern Medicine.ViKA

What had been small private business became a juggernaut of unspeakable power and endless greed. Big Medicine often called Modern Medicine or Allopathic Medicine is a cornucopia of specialties and a disconnection from what one expert does from another. This is a scary proposition because all the players can diagnose and all can prescribe drugs for their niche. Drugs do not recognize niches. They circulate from head to toe and affect our body as equally.

We can pretend that one body system or one drug does not affect another or that the body is like a series of local stevedores, but that is not true. All of our systems are connected. An attack on our scalp reaches our feet. Is that really so hard to imagine?

Ebola was defeated in the cyber space of social media. The CDC is as disjointed as Modern Medicine is. Zika is a harmless as Ebola was. What is real is the effect of Alcohol on the unborn. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is known. Yet, to admit it is behind what is called Zika, gives a black eye to Big Alcohol. Those with big deep pockets, who buy lots of advertising don’t like black eyes.

Imagine that the word got out that alcohol use harmed fetuses, zygotes and embryos. What do you think that might do to alcohol sales. Think of what might happen to alcohol sales if mothers with deformed babies sued. Imagine what might happen to Big Alcohol if, a majority of logical people realized that they were being deformed and maimed internally with every beer or glass of wine. Just imagine.