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We all need electrolytes, everyone knows that. When we don’t have enough it can spell danger and even death. They are so important they are found in sports drinks and even found in designer water.

The last paragraph is commonly accepted as true. Yet, it is not true at all to the point that it is entirely false.electrolytes

Electrolytes and salts are the exact same thing. Salt has a long history of use for industry. When a product is used for multiple purposes, one or more of those uses guaranteed to be toxic and therefore dangerous.

Salt a powerful preservative and flavor enhancer and is literally ingrained into our DNA so much so that our taste buds are geared to identify salt and sugar before all other flavors.

Our bodies inherently abhor salt and sugars. Salt is only useful briefly as an immune system activating chemical. Sugars are not all the same. Sugars that come from Whole Raw Fruit and Veggies are good and healing for the body if consumed in the whole form.

Salt has no such option. Salt does not grow it collects and is made up of two parts. Sodium and Chlorine are found in equal parts in salt. One of the chemicals in salt is chlorine which in any form is toxic and destructive to the body.

Salts are corrosive when high potency yet most are mild. Milder salt kill or denature what they contact but are lousy at concealing the crime as they leave a preserved shell behind.

In Egypt 2000 years ago when they were making mummies a type of North African salt called Natron. All salt acts the same it attacks its target and kills it via dehydration. That which dehydrates is deadly. There is no safe salt no safe amount to use.