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We have all seen a dog chase his tail. What we never considered was maybe, just maybe the tail was chasing the dog. Does that seem silly to you? Ask the tail it likely does not seem silly to him or her. The chicken and the egg question has been with us, and will stay with us. What came first, first or the thing before first? And what was the thing before that? Circular logic for many is an unanswerable question that requires data we do not have and can’t get.

When we get angry it was because something broke the camel’s back, right? Actually those angry feelings were precipitated by something else that left the body near its breaking point, which in turn left you a “dirty look” away from a meltdown. Balance is more than what we do on one foot, it is something the body is fighting for. When was the last time you were angry and when you finally calmed down you realized you were angry for something that “never bothers you.”

Our body must stay free of chemical irritants. When it gets an in-flow of these it reacts by getting hot as its energy becomes uneven. We notice this and our thoughts get colored red. This is a warning from our immune system (led by the liver) to change our conditions pronto. Not knowing this we blame whatever is in front of us and make it the cause of our bad mood, yet this person (often a person) likely had nothing to do with the chemical attack we are feeling. There we are frustrated and angry with this fellow when actually the cause of our strain was the salt we just added to our cantaloupe. Unless we learn the way our body works and its abusers we are an accident waiting to happen.